Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tortoise Riders Caricature

Yahoo! This is my another caricature business! My client needed a caricature with her colleague who will leave for new company, so she planned to give her colleague a very big surprise. She wanted her colleague together with she ride on the top of a very cute tortoise, as her colleague is super crazy with tortoise. Actually I'm quite worried about my final piece as I drawn her colleague's face looked so "BIG"......anyway, will try to ask my client next time about her colleague first expression when she saw at this caricature, hoho! She will like it very much lah, I guest....

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My friend very like it!!
When i pass to her, she felt very touching~ and said will hang it in her own shop when her shop open, Yahoo!!!
Thank you very much~

But she said she lost a mole near her eyebrow there~....hahaha